30 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  BenDol 16f6a0019c Fix dat loading issue with 10.00 & minor outfit window fix. 6 years ago
  BenDol 79ee0e34ea Keep g_settings as a 'static' variable rather than a direct object. 7 years ago
  BenDol b295053662 Finished stable implementation (as far as tested), still requires more testing. 7 years ago
  Jacek Wielemborek e6c9e78935 Get rid of trailing whitespace. 7 years ago
  Sam 69ae324676 Tiny setPVPMode fix 7 years ago
  Sam 4d656f8bd1 New pvp modes to combat controls 7 years ago
  BeniS 7f5dda5c8f Re-add destroying for unloading, other clean up: 8 years ago
  BeniS 35e5dd8af8 Topmenu fix 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 5bf03c50d6 Rework hotkeys manager, fix many issues on it 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 28b5fc1d5a Refactor modules, closes #223 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 8d89d1194a More fixes to miniwindow 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 0bb991e14e Fix auto chase override 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 42ccff8596 Fix table copy function, combat controls now hideable 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c795eb91ab More multiprotocol support 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c54cd1fdf1 Use new coding style in game modules 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ebc88b8354 Tweak modules interface 8 years ago
  BeniS 8850528091 Updated Top Menu, Health Info, Combat Controls, Console (Channels), Game Toggle Buttons, Minimap Layout, Game Interface Prompts, and Creature Draw Info. 8 years ago
  BeniS 4453242bee Adjusted chase modes to work correctly, added new option for auto chase override. Fixed NPC speak messages to appear in the correct position. 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 98a1b611bf Refactor for documentation 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago a7c17cec2e Save miniwindows states 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 486837a61d minor fixes 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 3f2071d097 fix possible walk crash 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 34091bc48e implement all needed tr() for localization 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 8d14d9bc99 restore old modules 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 33458a3e39 modules changes 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 159eb98df2 introduce startup options 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e03bf33f58 BEAWARE all game functionality is disabled with this commit for a while 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 175f97b98f reaname and cleanup many stuff 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 09b3aa82df add onGameStart/onGameEnd/onLogin/onLogout events 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ee1357a848 add combat controls 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 53ead20de5 restore map clicking 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 24aab00431 fix use with, improve move, change icons, improve topbar 9 years ago