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  Henrique Santiago a4a40426bf Merge pull request #873 from EgzoT/EgzoT-getBackground 3 years ago
  EgzoT d44733ff3e Add function getBackground 3 years ago
  EgzoT bc507fd98b Sending trade request using "UICreatureButton" 3 years ago
  Marc Knaup a604ea7153
fixed clang 9 compile errors in shared_object_ptr 3 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 8c731ac016 Merge pull request #844 from gesior/iptostring_fix 3 years ago
  Jerzy Skalski 1d77d202e6 Change uint to uint32 3 years ago
  Jerzy Skalski 90de0dec04 Fix iptostring 3 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c87c450905 Fix #703 3 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 8871659b07 Fix image read 3 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 42df56a98d Merge pull request #831 from ranisalt/master 3 years ago
  Ranieri Althoff 88d0a0a879
Fix misleading indentation 4 years ago
  A-Syntax df422c0991 Update protocolgameparse.cpp (#777) 4 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa 837f461bb1 Update README (#817) 4 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa af92792d4a Fix Login problem and use removeEvent (#816) 4 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa 2292df922d Fix Look (#818) 4 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa 0676b68493 Include Issue Template (#819) 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy fdec018186 Merge pull request #808 from GustavoBlaze/patch-1 4 years ago
  GustavoBlaze 743e73d755 Applying the otclient code style 4 years ago
  GustavoBlaze bc20e16584 Applying the otclient code style 4 years ago
  GustavoBlaze a4400a4ff1 applying the otclient code style 4 years ago
  GustavoBlaze 2927ed29d8 Bug idle animations of the creatures solved 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 15483a395f Merge pull request #805 from brunominervino/some-changes 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy e44b33fc67 Merge pull request #807 from conde2/otclient-locales 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy af09a91d64 Merge pull request #806 from conde2/otclient-vs 4 years ago
  conde2 a644dff043 Show missing translation on console 4 years ago
  conde2 664ef6bcad Update Visual Studio Project 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino deeb80dd67 Revert Extension 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino 9d3f3d8aec Change LICENSE Copyright Year and Extension 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy deee6ed8c9 Completion for #764 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 94d60432f3 Merge pull request #766 from TibiaFun/patch-1 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy b6140a03b4 Merge pull request #764 from elderapo/patch-1 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 7845238918 Merge pull request #802 from brunominervino/vs-version 4 years ago
  Samuel Gros e870110875 Merge pull request #801 from brunominervino/copyright-year-2017 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino 8eacaa8e80 Fix EOF (again) 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino 21d9bf059e Remove new line 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino 23b6c8e839 Fix EOF 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino a793cab751 Update Visual Studio build files 4 years ago
  Bruno Minervino 882be286d9 Update copyright year for 2017 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy d5858092ca Merge pull request #799 from zygzagZ/master 4 years ago
  zygzagZ 8486f6c867 Fixed talking with npc for 8.54 4 years ago
  zygzagZ 9d2298037e Fixed inconsistences between const.lua and const.h causing messagetypes not to work 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 42e0b0a025 Merge pull request #771 from jo3bingham/coding-style 4 years ago
  Joseph Bingham e5d28e00e2 Fixes inconsistent coding style 4 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 56a641e516 Merge pull request #1 from edubart/master 4 years ago
  Samuel Gros 7cd01714fc Merge pull request #770 from jo3bingham/update-1099 4 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 9148d412e5 Replace tabs with spaces (again) 4 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 5a5adc4ed6 Replace tabs with spaces 4 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 344146ba2d 10.96, 10.97, 10.98, 10.99 support 4 years ago
  TibiaFun 0870fda2ac Update protocolcodes.cpp 4 years ago
  Tomasz Martyński 8ffacefb04 Fix typo 4 years ago