2595 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Konrad Kuśnierz 7f2f70e1a6 Change signalcall to protectedcall in console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f9d183837a Add option to save messages from channel 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 02c6b1b6c7 Missing changes for multiline text 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 0c1540e531 Improve multiline text selection, closes #507 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 6893a5e98a Optimize UITextEdit rendering 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 559e545e36 Few more minor fixes to selection in game console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz cf90bb9807 Fix selection 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f35c939fc3 Start working on multi-line selection for console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 34e2fa1d49 Merge pull request #665 from ranisalt/master 5 years ago
  Ranieri Althoff 944b220c90 Use native optimizations instead of hardcoded defaults 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c5ea8c98fb Add cn option to struct 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 02ab50d8dd Minor mistake in unpacking string 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 48fefb03cb Add float and double support for struct 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 7ea6c46b2c Add binary operations for lua 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 0597ded1d3 Merge pull request #648 from Shawak/Shawak-b_vc12 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c3c2ac80e7 Fix drawing creatures in UICreature 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 6bd0e37670 Correctly draw creatures bigger than 64x64 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 11990815a6 Correctly load corrupted otmm file, should fix #606 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz ded8fef16b Change bitter badge and made it inline with travis 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 53dbbd2ba3 Decrease RAM usage by at least 200MB 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e4cdb3834b Merge pull request #661 from gitter-badger/gitter-badge 5 years ago
  The Gitter Badger 86dd7958e1 Added Gitter badge 5 years ago
  TheSumm fe98efdc21 Fix modal dialog auto sizing, fixes #556 5 years ago
  TheSumm 8e5bbcd3a1 Add tab-spacing tag to MoveableTabBars 5 years ago
  TheSumm f936ab9aab fix #638 5 years ago
  TheSumm 84f6cdec86 Fix #576, PopupMenus close when leaving the game 5 years ago
  TheSumm ab5bed456b Fix warning 5 years ago
  Łukasz Kurowski 01c107ba62 Market my offers 5 years ago
  Łukasz Kurowski ff0947c270 NPC start talk 5 years ago
  Shawak a3e6cc54b5 fix visual studio include paths 6 years ago
  TheSumm fcd481ee15 Added missing message mode 6 years ago
  TheSumm b237b713ef Fix 10.76 login protocol, added missing lua consts 6 years ago
  TheSumm 3bffa6b04a Terminal new line (Shift+Enter) functionality 6 years ago
  TheSumm 83dc129f03 Protocol 10.76, fixed death window & death packet 6 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz ca60efd786 Merge pull request #645 from gpedro/master 6 years ago
  Gabriel Pedro 04b516a1a0 Update copyright for 2015 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 5387f8fe83 Merge pull request #632 from SuggestName/master 6 years ago
  Suggest Name b5c7374890 Update textmessage.otui 6 years ago
  TheSumm f51a160bde Remove unintentionally added files 6 years ago
  TheSumm cbf70c1d63 Enable protocol 10.75 6 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 28ff65be5a Merge pull request #640 from Mignari/master 6 years ago
  Nailson 74af47f4d6 Added support for enhanced animations for items. 6 years ago
  TheSumm 4c4e0b9d07 Fix error showing after relogging with containers being open 6 years ago
  Mateusz Pawlica af0819f454 Changed rule violation window default focus 6 years ago
  Mateusz Pawlica 27f7871a08 Minimap widget is now horizontally resizeable 6 years ago
  TheSumm 6961492e00 Fix console tabs not blinking, closes #627 6 years ago
  TheSumm 1c3cfddab0 Removed tr() from UIHeader 6 years ago
  TheSumm 71931b961a Full protocol 10.74 support (session key), entergame style fixes 6 years ago
  TheSumm 64e9406488 Fixed 'widget destroyed but still have 1 reference left' related to console module 6 years ago
  BenDol 900ebbd985 Fixes #181 and fixes #551 6 years ago