2595 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  djayk1 cc483fba5a Update game.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 94686d3fe8 Update protocolgameparse.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 468ac9cbd2 Update game.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 9f8293a5a0 Update game.lua 6 years ago
  BenDol ce9e443c60 Remove redundant classes & added some Position methods. 6 years ago
  BenDol 99b1ddf44c Must change UIMap class checks to UIGameMap. 6 years ago
  BenDol c083d02bef Some fixes for class names and queue (added base class). 6 years ago
  BenDol 00253e46b3 Added Queue class for event queuing (see CandyBot for examples of this). 6 years ago
  BenDol d2b7de3801 Will stick to basic isInRange check function. 6 years ago
  BenDol adcf258551 Forgot to add this. 6 years ago
  BenDol 2df51622ba Some improvements to some things. 6 years ago
  BenDol a7d7667491 Added gamelib for Position functions. 6 years ago
  BenDol 0ad45d6826 Added 2 global functions for Position & g_map.getTiles(). 6 years ago
  Sam f23e70ff08 Fix battlelist square bug / Cleanup 6 years ago
  Sam b96be291bb Fix use-with issue #508 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 72b3403728 Fix filestream read 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago b1964a1c10 Merge pull request #522 from Mignari/master 7 years ago
  Nail 25fb3113fa Fix calculate patterns. 7 years ago
  BenDol 24acf8855f Now possible to create effects and missiles via lua. 7 years ago
  BenDol 06855dd1de Added subType for Player:getItem/getItems. 7 years ago
  BenDol 65d556ef4e Fixed issue with isAttacking and isFollowing on older protocols. 7 years ago
  BenDol 54b8e362d5 Fix missing reference for VS project. 7 years ago
  BenDol 45b41b88bd Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/edubart/otclient 7 years ago
  BenDol 1baad726ae Just use g_configs.unload(config) to unload config files. 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago b19fb22146 Merge pull request #514 from Mignari/master 7 years ago
  Nail 8dec9cd835 Fix alpha at color key. 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 50d3f83fce Merge pull request #513 from Mignari/master 7 years ago
  Nail 41b2f9b911 Per-pixel transparency. 7 years ago
  BenDol a02c091376 Fix stop crashing with UIWidget::moveChildToIndex. 7 years ago
  BenDol 01e6169cfb Fix to setText method. 7 years ago
  BenDol 1074b6b787 Provide the option to suppress lua call in setText 7 years ago
  BenDol d45fbcb10f Fixed terminal size bug 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago f334a03397 Merge pull request #510 from edubart/configs_impl 7 years ago
  BenDol 3ce37dacbd Removed onUnload from corelib and added more lua bindings for resources. 7 years ago
  BenDol 166eb7614f Fix accidental cmake changes. 7 years ago
  BenDol 8b3f3b11f0 Can now unload a Config by config:unload() 7 years ago
  BenDol 2d84fae2c8 Can now create new configs on the fly using: local config = g_configs.create(file) 7 years ago
  BenDol 5204e3ac03 Proper termination and initialization of the ConfigManager. 7 years ago
  BenDol 547b18db9a Update copyright for 2014 7 years ago
  BenDol 37f9d3e200 Fix building issues. 7 years ago
  BenDol 4b24c78f0f Fix to the makesingleton function. 7 years ago
  BenDol 994f49b3c1 Better implementation for forming the singleton wrapper. 7 years ago
  BenDol 79ee0e34ea Keep g_settings as a 'static' variable rather than a direct object. 7 years ago
  BenDol b295053662 Finished stable implementation (as far as tested), still requires more testing. 7 years ago
  BenDol 61059e66ec Started implementing ability to load custom config files (currently unstable). 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart f4de000646 Merge pull request #504 from Shawak/master 7 years ago
  Shawak d20c263912 Ability to get buffer from inputmessage 7 years ago
  Shawak 07e40afa3d Ability to get buffer from inputmessage 7 years ago
  Shawak 8179915e06 Ability to get buffer from inputmessage 7 years ago
  Sam 4f79a30689 Remove print from purse code 7 years ago