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# dnmapper - An AS-level mapping tool and BGP collector
This software
There is much to do! This software was in parts a quick hack to have a map
when the old map implementation vanished from our network.
It is implemented in Python, Django and D3.js.
## Data collection
Data collection is done via screenscraping the BIRD and Quagga/FRR cli. This is
a bad idea for longterm operations, as a) the CLI output may (and already did)
change and b) whenever something unexpected happens (e.g. a new route type /
error condition) the software has to be adjusted.
A second RIS is available, writing periodic MRT dumps and continous BGP update
message MRT dumps. These should be used instead.
* Replace BGP data collection method
* Add WHOIS data to visualization
## Licensing
This software is licensed under the GPLv3 or later.