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13 years ago
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import commands
import select
import pytap
import logging
from pytap import TapDevice
class Ether2Any:
""" Baseclass for writing arbitrary Ethernet/IP tunnel using a TUN/TAP device.
13 years ago
This class handles a TUN/TAP devices and runs a select loop for it and,
if given, a set of sockets. To use this class at least sendToNet() has
to be implemented by a subclass. """
def __init__(self, tap=True, readSockets=[]):
""" Constructor for Ether2Any.
isTap defines if the managed device should be a tap (ethernet tunnel)
or a tun (IP tunnel). """
self.readSockets = readSockets
# create device = TapDevice(tap=tap)
self.timeout = None
def setupLogging(self, name):
l = logging.getLogger(name)
fmt = logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s - [%(levelname)s] (%(name)s) - %(message)s")
ch = logging.StreamHandler()
return l
def addSocket(self, sock):
""" Add socket to readSockets set. """
def delSocket(self, socket):
""" Remove socket from readSockets set. """
except ValueError:
# outgoing data
def sendToNet(self, packet):
""" This function has to be implemented to handle outgoing
data (read from the TUN/TAP device) """
raise NotImplementedError("You need to overload sendToNet()")
# incoming data
def sendToDev(self, sock):
""" This function has to be implemented to handle incoming
data which is read from the extra sockets (self.readSockets).
It will not be called when no extra readSockets are specified. """
raise NotImplementedError("You need to overload sendToDev()")
def setTimeout(self, t):
""" Set select timeout. """
self.timeout = t
def callAfterSelect(self):
""" Will be called as last operation of the mainloop when
handling of the select result / the select timeout is hit.
def run(self):
""" Run main select-loop. """
while True:
sockets = [] + self.readSockets
(readFDs, _, _) =, [], [], self.timeout)
for readFD in readFDs:
if readFD ==
elif readFD in self.readSockets:
except KeyboardInterrupt:
def quit(self):
""" Will be called after the run-select() and its processing is done. """