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This tunnel implements IP over USB sticks, writing each packet as a single file
onto the USB stick.
You need
Installation and requirements
* python-pyudev
In you need to configure a mountpoint and udev attributes, so that the
USB stick can be found. If you are unsure about the udev attibutes use the script and plug in your USB stick. It will show you all
available attributes.
On all participating clients the 'usbNetworkDir' needs to be the same, so
newly written network packets can be found.
How it works
All outgoing network packets are written in plain into a file into
'usbNetworkDir' onto the USB stick. If the stick is not present, the packets
will be queued until the USB stick is mounted. If a USB stick is mounted (and
generated a UDEV-event), incoming traffic will be read from 'usbNetworkDir'.
After reading a file (network packet) the file is deleted.
Unmounting is kind of a problem: Even if a sync is executed and finished
properly, the stick might still be processing data, so pay attention to any
signals or lights attached to the stick.
What could be done
* implement support for multiple USB sticks
Written by Sebastian Lohff <>
Published under the GPLv3 or later