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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from django.shortcuts import render_to_response
from django.template import RequestContext
from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required
from django.http import HttpResponseRedirect
import datetime
from models import Buyable, Purchase
def showItems(request):
# FIXME: Implement pagination here
items = Buyable.objects.all()
return render_to_response("buyables/showItems.html", {'items': items}, RequestContext(request))
def showItem(request, itemid):
item = Buyable.objects.get(id=itemid)
except Buyable.DoesNotExist:
# baww, kein item mit der id :( (oder mutax trollt rum)
return HttpResponseRedirect("/buy/")
return render_to_response("buyables/showItem.html", {'item': item}, RequestContext(request))
def buyItem(request, itemid, buymode=""):
item = Buyable.objects.get(id=itemid)
except Buyable.DoesNotExist:
# oh no! kein item mit der id :( mutax trollt rum)
return HttpResponseRedirect("/store/buy/")
""" tristate variable buymode:
"" only item
"with/deposit" item and deposit
"only/deposit" only deposit
purchase = None
deposit = None
if buymode == "" or buymode == "with/deposit":
purchase = Purchase(user=request.user, isDeposit=False)
# TANNEK! if buymode == "with/dopsit" or buymode == "only/deposit":
if buymode == "with/deposit" or buymode == "only/deposit":
deposit = Purchase(user=request.user, isDeposit=True)
if purchase == None:
purchase = deposit
deposit = None
return HttpResponseRedirect("/store/bought/%s/%s" % (, deposit and str( or ""))
def boughtItem(request, item1id, item2id=None):
if item1id == item2id:
item2id = None
error = None
item1 = Purchase.objects.get(id=item1id)
if item2id:
item2 = Purchase.objects.get(id=item2id)
item2 = None
except Purchase.DoesNotExist:
item1 = None
item2 = None
error = "Konnte gekaufte Objekte nicht wiederfinden"
if error == None and (item1.user != request.user or (item2 != None and (item2.user != request.user))):
item1 = item2 = None
error = u"Diese Items gehören dir nicht"
return render_to_response("buyables/itemBought.html", {'item1': item1, 'item2': item2, 'error': error}, RequestContext(request))