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seba 793162c060 added sphinx-docs scaffold 11 years ago
seba 4ad0d0d0c0 thads todo 11 years ago
theresa 89518255fa New admin layout and pagination on buying history 11 years ago
seba 5f166e471d new admin layout (but still broken) 11 years ago
seba 171bc9827d Added current devcat status to git 11 years ago
seba 0f6c60020c Api2 with multiple auth handlers (for ajax reqs) 11 years ago
seba 3aa0339387 TODOs.. 11 years ago
seba 97ea6a6d31 whuppie, works (mostly), minor api probs 11 years ago
seba d6a3b21d51 auth blob handling (UI) works 11 years ago
seba a1052df608 Plugin + API + Changing user works 11 years ago
seba 8e0ad87341 started user plugin settings 11 years ago
seba 8d39ac2a3f Started Plugin infrastructure 11 years ago
seba dc585b47be put plugin entities into ER 11 years ago
seba 9d674f82ca api functional! (except for authblobbusiness) 11 years ago
seba cf83f8def2 transaction GET/POST now possible 11 years ago
seba 1e825d96c4 fixed Decimal issues, buying per api possible 11 years ago
seba ddf72146de Buying will work... soon... 11 years ago
seba 85c37459c1 api needs account balance 11 years ago
seba b3ec6090d9 FloatField to Decimal + further API 11 years ago
seba f7980de01f Piston debugging + further handler development 11 years ago
seba c7ad4be6e4 api2 beginning, minor changes 11 years ago
seba ad792b6747 Konrad entries in TODO <3 11 years ago
seba 262cacdd72 Administration interface stuff 11 years ago
Sebastian Pipping 7922d3254c Add current demo code of Freitagskasse Barcode Client and related HOWTO paper 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 6003472f33 removed db from git, updated settings and gitignore, fixes 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 5b3401ffdd änderungen an suchfeld und design 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 19ae56b1e0 changed response mimetype for api from application/javascript to application/json (rfc 4627) 11 years ago
seba dec55d9561 Merge branch 'master' of someserver.de:k4ever 11 years ago
seba 519169e49e ldap working + automatic userprofile creation 11 years ago
seba 2b2db9109a broke it, fixed it, broken again 11 years ago
TKroenert c2b2bf5655 *fix: json will umbedingt eine liste,damit es die serialized 11 years ago
TKroenert 886dc7eb45 API fuer den store 11 years ago
TKroenert dddb18cd87 home ohne Pfand 11 years ago
TKroenert 47267b8213 noch mehr stats fuer die HOME seite.. 11 years ago
TKroenert 50429f4f78 neues usersettings, weiteres item 11 years ago
TKroenert 7e5474ff16 Homeseite mit sortierung was am liebsten getrunken wurde 11 years ago
seba 769619310e konto double send bug 11 years ago
TKroenert 2348a8496c Merge branch 'master' of someserver.de:k4ever 11 years ago
TKroenert 46549fd3b2 TODO 11 years ago
seba 9bb7b8f9bc Merge branch 'master' of someserver.de:k4ever 11 years ago
seba 1f5f82d08d deposit purchase fix 11 years ago
TKroenert ab07d595f8 *fix needChecked wir vor dem meckern, ob es ueberprueft ist auch abgeprueft 11 years ago
seba aa64229f72 logout works 11 years ago
seba fe3502d775 kaufen zieht nun geld ab 11 years ago
seba c87580f861 history template 11 years ago
TKroenert 3c722f4ea0 todos 11 years ago
TKroenert e0f83cc795 add user tannek 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 28739b95d0 olol 11 years ago
seba d8838dbefb history 12 years ago
seba c05fe944c0 everything is much better now! 12 years ago