40 Commits (485bcd32a611e3a05c8ba4da70e89b9b80569289)

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  Sebastian Lohff b06995f893 Added hooks to provide initial data for some Models 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f69f9bda15 Licensed k4ever under AGPLv3 or later 9 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 9e2b0574ee make some buyable urls accessible by name 10 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 602c6585f8 Rebuild main view 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 70766bba44 Order and Purchase now consistend (Fixes #14) 10 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt f7dc5bda50 Improve admin interface: Transaction list, filters, order list with purchases, buyable list... 10 years ago
  tkroenert 7da1e4875b showItem: *fix: BuyDeposit-button where there is no deposiyyy 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5f0c0c14fc Cleanup of VirtualTransaction 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 265d286dcf added gritter buy notification, buy delay and fixed styles for search and buy 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 905b218e4c added textbutton and viewcontrol styles. updated templates 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 456465a67e oh hai. i edited all your templates and introduced less stylesheets 10 years ago
  seba 17e9321eed added thumbnail support (kudoes to tannek) 10 years ago
  theresa f7476ebf68 Fix right column on start page and table width on buyable list 10 years ago
  theresa b059611d4a Fix stylesheet (links, fonts, margins) 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt adb8233120 updated buyButton and table.showitem styles 10 years ago
  theresa e7253465d7 Beautify settings page and buying history, order items in store 10 years ago
  theresa 77a8dd73ed Buying history: Show pictures side-by-side instead of names 10 years ago
  seba 4f6ae55ba4 Some Api2-Handler fixes done with sping 10 years ago
  seba 0bd4f3b4e0 added aspect ratio checking for admin (+note) 10 years ago
  seba 4fbd3c6651 Added a *lot* of documentation 10 years ago
  seba 7850b322c5 more documentation to come 10 years ago
  seba 6ee2e91338 added barcodesupport, docs and removed old apidoc 10 years ago
  theresa 89518255fa New admin layout and pagination on buying history 10 years ago
  seba 171bc9827d Added current devcat status to git 10 years ago
  seba 97ea6a6d31 whuppie, works (mostly), minor api probs 10 years ago
  seba 1e825d96c4 fixed Decimal issues, buying per api possible 10 years ago
  seba b3ec6090d9 FloatField to Decimal + further API 10 years ago
  seba c7ad4be6e4 api2 beginning, minor changes 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 5b3401ffdd änderungen an suchfeld und design 10 years ago
  seba 1f5f82d08d deposit purchase fix 10 years ago
  seba fe3502d775 kaufen zieht nun geld ab 10 years ago
  seba c87580f861 history template 10 years ago
  seba d8838dbefb history 11 years ago
  seba c05fe944c0 everything is much better now! 11 years ago
  seba 35301915be well, this is more like it 11 years ago
  seba 70a0536de1 its working now but i dont like the relationship 11 years ago
  seba 4f37807ef1 more broken than before 11 years ago
  seba 60fe5ca2d2 ich schreib mal alles up. das is nu kaputt 11 years ago
  seba f4ceecf205 Kaufen funktioniert 11 years ago
  seba 9450f3326b Transactions funtzen, kaufen fast 11 years ago
  seba 5acc7b8d29 k4ever django project - db online! 11 years ago