103 Commits (7a86a2863365b4cd564059a9358198b208790607)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Lohff 7a86a28633 Fixed: Called select module instead of function 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 1972d80d8e plugin-barcode: exit delay() when input on stdin 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 8c98c6c6dc Introduce client-barcode/.gitignore 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 098ff4786a Add sample config 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 692284f41d Extract constant for config file section 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 62f0f02fa7 Migrate to JSON response 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 135fc1044c Make configurable: server URL, user, password, debugging 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping e26563b946 Remove obsolete function buy_item() 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff ff7ef54e7e Client-Barcode: Added install script to add db entries 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 738b8cf240 Fix for encoding problems with barcode-display (fixes #26) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping d480ea8805 client-barcode: Add workaround for German keyboard layout 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 294425f2b6 client-barcode: Add "neu" highlight to 5 euro charge code on howto sheet 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 621f8017c8 client-barcode: Allow empty commit (bug #17, broken by introduction of bulkbuy) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 64ce18cb74 client-barcode: Save empty bulkbuy going over the line 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 156a0df88d client-barcode: Split Status.commit() up into sub-functions 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 526cc6c6c8 client-barcode: Fix call to LCD code 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 04f9741de7 client-barcode: Implement and integrate bulkbuy 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 0a26f74872 display escape codes replaced by api calls 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping f2ad3bb89b client-barcode: Replace 10 Euro by 5 Euro on howto sheet 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 53368e49ac client-barcode: Commit 6 deposits of 1.00 Euro as one deposit of 6.00 Euro (bug #203) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 7046890acf client-barcode: Show sum of commodity and deposit on item info page, too (bug #202) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping eff542bc99 client-barcode: Increase presentation time of item info page (bug #202) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 5ba9cf97d6 Revert "client-barcode: Turn off console echo (experiment for now, idea by Andy Gunschl)" 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 10962d479f sleep entfernt, etc 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping a0f1acffc1 client-barcode: Reduce presentation time of item info page 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 9880b1ebc1 client-barcode: Turn off console echo (experiment for now, idea by Andy Gunschl) 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt f5d40285a1 fixed typos and increased display time for price info 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt fb80a1a70d now starts without display too 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 67ebf64ffe finally usuable(?) again! 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 4af7594490 gnah.. i don't know yet if I hate or like that language 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt dd49d650fb almost usable. threads are not all temrinating yet 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 65255fb53a the first time information is somehow displayed again 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt a9d82b9b85 its scrolling, yay. 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 2858b1e71a yea, now screensaver almost works... or sth like that. lets convert the helper funcs 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt f575423506 started to push the screensaver over 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping d468585069 client-barcode: Allow showing product info without log-in (bug #202) 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 0aad574f60 commands converted from C-program to python, now replacing all calls accordingly 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 5c9d45b725 first steps for pulling display functionality out of the client 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping d3b0a8fa4c client-barcode: Turn stdin reading to nonblocking, add autologout after 3 Minutes 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping c532fdb551 client-barcode: No longer print empty barcode on LCD display 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 0a86d9391c client-barcode: Extra method Status.logout() 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping bb880e494b Allow asciify to deal with instances of unicode 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping bb468f25bf Hopefully fix crash on sending "Schöfferhofer" to LCD display 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping dd27a1e5ab client-barcode: Handle long labels better 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt afa510e090 better timeouts and the real url 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 1818360fc5 some screens net to get fixed. 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt bc234a691c renamed to a more sane name 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 18f1de1b26 screensaver now implemented in python (too) including idle message per state. 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt f5f55eff84 reordering of functions 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 7a70f06bbb client-barcode: No longer mention absense of deposit for items how never have deposit 9 years ago