334 Commits (7a86a2863365b4cd564059a9358198b208790607)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Lohff b41ebac6e5 Cleaned up settings for release, fixes #9 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 9b18c4508e update balance when buying items via javascript. fixes #10 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 1b7aaca19f getProfile ==> get_profile... 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 67f5b43c72 API: Added more JSON with success msgs to api 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 018332e16d API: Code cleanup 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 44c1d2c714 OLD API: Removed deprecated api 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f69f9bda15 Licensed k4ever under AGPLv3 or later 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f351a3f087 API: Added deposit bool to history, fixes #29 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 90a9c152fa API: Added name to history purchase-set, fixes #12 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b9c815effe API: Added support for negative transactions, fixes #28 9 years ago
  tkroenert 8a020a36b5 Virtual Transaction: no more transaction to yourself 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 4269b67c90 Preislister: Fix column label mix-up and alignment 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping f9c823df9c Remove disabled code leftover 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping e20a8cb48b Add preislister quickhack 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 7bf15a1470 Added thumbnailing functions to api, fixes #17 9 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt b7a96cb390 Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 9 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt 35195d69f0 Admin: Added filter for UserProfile: balance < 0 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff d788878d57 Removed obsolete c-display daemon 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 738b8cf240 Fix for encoding problems with barcode-display (fixes #26) 9 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 9e2b0574ee make some buyable urls accessible by name 9 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 602c6585f8 Rebuild main view 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9bad46cf2d Fixed Transaction ,-usage and error for transactiontype 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b71b95436f Fixed: Using default checked value for api transactions 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c0e9f81bf0 Added helper for Authblob 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff e87b8e6ca1 Allows multiple Authblobs (Fixes #22) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 70766bba44 Order and Purchase now consistend (Fixes #14) 9 years ago
  tkroenert 614b77b6ac Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 9 years ago
  tkroenert 86a9ecd598 Kontostand auf Konto-seite hinzugefuegt. 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9f55a64923 Cleaned up Transaction save/delete 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c2d144ea91 Removed transfer (transact-alias) urls from api2 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff df32875789 API refactoring, introduced getError 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5dc8770783 Added API-Support for Virtual Transactions 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f97a501f1c Fixed exception on user-not-found in form 9 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt f7dc5bda50 Improve admin interface: Transaction list, filters, order list with purchases, buyable list... 9 years ago
  tkroenert 7da1e4875b showItem: *fix: BuyDeposit-button where there is no deposiyyy 9 years ago
  tkroenert 7e608ae6af virtualtransaction: add listingz 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping d480ea8805 client-barcode: Add workaround for German keyboard layout 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 294425f2b6 client-barcode: Add "neu" highlight to 5 euro charge code on howto sheet 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 621f8017c8 client-barcode: Allow empty commit (bug #17, broken by introduction of bulkbuy) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 64ce18cb74 client-barcode: Save empty bulkbuy going over the line 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 156a0df88d client-barcode: Split Status.commit() up into sub-functions 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 27962ad107 Cleanup and regex enhancement of CurrencyField 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 38068e1ebb transaction: change "minValue('0')" to "notZero" 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f432ffc70b Fixed race condition when transacting to own user 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 16cfd63e4a Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5f0c0c14fc Cleanup of VirtualTransaction 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 526cc6c6c8 client-barcode: Fix call to LCD code 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff ccd9e327c7 Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c3100ad09a Implemented first part for VirtualTransactions. 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 04f9741de7 client-barcode: Implement and integrate bulkbuy 9 years ago