334 Commits (7a86a2863365b4cd564059a9358198b208790607)

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  Konrad Mohrfeldt bb960dcba3 added deposit, payment and payment+deposit images 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 1051d7cec1 dont track the media/img folder 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 5849239f5e updated styles for top bar 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 9729e675ff migrated to api2 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt f9550712d8 not all screens yet on the display. scroll text would be nice... 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt ed8659964c Merge branch 'master' into display 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt ffe61d7e7c stuff... 9 years ago
  theresa a3223e197c Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping f5f1b25bc0 client-barcode: Update howto sheet to include to-go codes 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 255c08d6c3 Show hint on Plugin permissions if user unknown 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 9a0206da97 Remove unused COLOR_WARN 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt b36df0167d Now licensed under GPL... 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 7dc1d5c7ca various comments added. 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 356c2584db client-barcode: Resolve class ToGoCommand, make UNDO delete commodity/deposity combined 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 5c15a18110 do not create fifo if not there 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 7bcc8f0c18 Added first Code fragments for external display. 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt af69d2f16f Timeouts now suitable for real use, old values for testing only 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 8d6ff280e3 fix for exception handlibg if not an HTTP but URLError 9 years ago
  theresa 08e9d4590c List of previous transactions: Make items align 9 years ago
  theresa 77a8dd73ed Buying history: Show pictures side-by-side instead of names 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 83c4e1441d one typo and one bugfix for user unknown on login 9 years ago
  theresa bed84eed06 Reordered the welcome page, added images and buying option 9 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 9ccdb10e34 Userspace daemon that creates a FIFO and opens the serial port to talk to an EPSON display attached to a serial port. Implemented in C. 9 years ago
  seba 7f484ffc52 Fix: Bulkbuying requires now items to be bought. 9 years ago
  seba f6f0a0f114 Added bulk buying to api2 9 years ago
  theresa 828a31ec67 Fixed some typos and rewrote some of the doku. 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping e72e5838f1 client-barcode: Adjust display of deposit to match the webapp 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping f697486296 client-barcode: Allow buying sole deposit of an item 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 92efe05fed client-barcode: Implement (in)equality test for class Item 9 years ago
  seba 4f6ae55ba4 Some Api2-Handler fixes done with sping 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 22d0bf50b9 Propaget deposit flag to server 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 16f24cb4a3 Server: Add missing negation 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 5fffd09053 Ignore empty input lines rather than trying to find a barcode to match them 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 7242261f16 urllib2.URLError may not have attribute "reason" 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping fafb03c843 Implement to-go logic for all, none, or previous 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping cf5cae5303 Show total effect on balance, too 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping c720456749 Fix sign of buy command (display only) 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping a3521100b6 Add first bits of color 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 6b726137b8 Add colorama 0.2.4 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 15a154b05c Be less loud 9 years ago
  seba 252010544d added check for admin plugin user group membership 9 years ago
  seba 0bd4f3b4e0 added aspect ratio checking for admin (+note) 9 years ago
  seba c42babf7c3 TODOs for release 9 years ago
  seba 34af3d73dd markup errors 9 years ago
  seba b5616789cc Doc: Added examples 9 years ago
  seba 4fbd3c6651 Added a *lot* of documentation 9 years ago
  seba 7850b322c5 more documentation to come 9 years ago
  seba 6ee2e91338 added barcodesupport, docs and removed old apidoc 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 83ac56d9e4 client-barcode: Move from product ids to product barcodes 9 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping dd224f42f6 client-barcode: Handle KeyboardInterrupt 9 years ago