156 Commits (bb13e1fcc35c9fd3c06a60614d8378efbee77eb3)

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  Sebastian Lohff d6bcb172fb Docs: Install documentation for k4ever and barcode-plugin 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff bef462a86d K4ever install documentation 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b06995f893 Added hooks to provide initial data for some Models 9 years ago
  tkroenert 25c562ec16 website: removed "kassensystem ist aktiv"-banner 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 3be9d20a58 remove Freitagsrunden-specific content from template 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 63ac10aad4 added exception templates. fixes #74 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b41ebac6e5 Cleaned up settings for release, fixes #9 9 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt 9b18c4508e update balance when buying items via javascript. fixes #10 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 1b7aaca19f getProfile ==> get_profile... 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 67f5b43c72 API: Added more JSON with success msgs to api 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 018332e16d API: Code cleanup 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 44c1d2c714 OLD API: Removed deprecated api 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f69f9bda15 Licensed k4ever under AGPLv3 or later 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f351a3f087 API: Added deposit bool to history, fixes #29 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 90a9c152fa API: Added name to history purchase-set, fixes #12 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b9c815effe API: Added support for negative transactions, fixes #28 9 years ago
  tkroenert 8a020a36b5 Virtual Transaction: no more transaction to yourself 9 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 7bf15a1470 Added thumbnailing functions to api, fixes #17 10 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt 35195d69f0 Admin: Added filter for UserProfile: balance < 0 10 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 9e2b0574ee make some buyable urls accessible by name 10 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 602c6585f8 Rebuild main view 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9bad46cf2d Fixed Transaction ,-usage and error for transactiontype 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b71b95436f Fixed: Using default checked value for api transactions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c0e9f81bf0 Added helper for Authblob 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff e87b8e6ca1 Allows multiple Authblobs (Fixes #22) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 70766bba44 Order and Purchase now consistend (Fixes #14) 10 years ago
  tkroenert 86a9ecd598 Kontostand auf Konto-seite hinzugefuegt. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9f55a64923 Cleaned up Transaction save/delete 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c2d144ea91 Removed transfer (transact-alias) urls from api2 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff df32875789 API refactoring, introduced getError 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5dc8770783 Added API-Support for Virtual Transactions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f97a501f1c Fixed exception on user-not-found in form 10 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt f7dc5bda50 Improve admin interface: Transaction list, filters, order list with purchases, buyable list... 10 years ago
  tkroenert 7da1e4875b showItem: *fix: BuyDeposit-button where there is no deposiyyy 10 years ago
  tkroenert 7e608ae6af virtualtransaction: add listingz 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 27962ad107 Cleanup and regex enhancement of CurrencyField 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 38068e1ebb transaction: change "minValue('0')" to "notZero" 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f432ffc70b Fixed race condition when transacting to own user 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5f0c0c14fc Cleanup of VirtualTransaction 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c3100ad09a Implemented first part for VirtualTransactions. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 4e93c66b64 Fixed API urls, allowed to use bulkbuy without / 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff fd46332e65 Fixed transaction checking. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff eaf1551fa1 Added password changing for non-ldap user 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b458cfaead Fixed #5 - Wrong API-Doc for Api /buy/ 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt bc18ed6661 fix: javascript-enabled click&buy didnt recognize deposit or item+deposit buttons 10 years ago
  tkroenert 447224b0fe transactions: add filter against 0.00 transactions 10 years ago
  seba 939159a1c9 Fixed bug in bulkBuy when not buying deposit 10 years ago
  seba 16a0686b03 Fixed wrong function, now wrapping content_type 10 years ago
  seba 2d11431e63 Fixed pistons content-type issue. 10 years ago
  theresa 5a25b97c59 Kontodaten direkt fuer den user zum aufs Konto ueberweisen 10 years ago