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edubart - leader developer (project creator) <edub4rt@gmail.com>
andrefaramir - scripting (implemented a lot of modules like battle, hotkeys, npctrade, chat) <andre_faramir@hotmail.com>
baxnie - implemented first game functionality <henrique_santiago93@hotmail.com>
See https://github.com/edubart/otclient/graphs/contributors


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modules recursivity makes client crash, it should generate a warning
boost::asio makes the client crash in rarely conditions when trying to connect but internet is offline
== P1 BUGS (affects game play)
in some situations creatures may disappears while walking
sometimes minimap desync Z pos
follow and autowalk doesn't cancel when walking via hotkeys
when reading invalid spr/dat the client crashs
when walking on a tile with too many creatures, the following errors occurrs:
ERROR: [ProtocolGame::parseCreatureHealth] could not get greature
ERROR: [ProtocolGame::parseCreatureHealth] could not get greature
ERROR: [Map::setCentralPosition] invalid creature
ERROR: [Map::setCentralPosition] invalid creature
ERROR: [Map::setCentralPosition] invalid creature
ERROR: [Map::setCentralPosition] invalid creature
== P2 BUGS
battle sometimes doesn't clear attacked/followed creatures when they go out of range
when looking from floor 5 in floor 7, sometimes a tile have 2 invisible grounds in floor 6 that should be ignored
invisible creatures name offset is incorrect
walk does not work properly when a creature is paralyzed
== P3 BUGS
widgets may have been destroyed when adding event in onSetup (UIResizeBorder), generating invalid events
too many talk messages in game map make the messages boxes disappear
hotkeys works while windows are locked, it shouldn't
skulls is rendering outside map bounds
party options does not work when re-logging inside a party
sometimes we can still view hits from above/bottom floors from a fight that is not visible
See https://github.com/edubart/otclient/issues

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### What is OTClient?
### What is otclient?
Otclient is an alternative Tibia client for usage with otserv. It aims to be complete and flexible,
for that it uses LUA scripting for all game interface functionality and configurations files with a syntax
@ -20,53 +20,53 @@ client, instead otclient was designed to be a combination of a framework and tib
### Download
Daily snapshots of otclient master branch compiled for Windows and protocol 860 is available
in the {downloads section}[https://github.com/edubart/otclient/downloads] of the project's github page.
in the [downloads section](https://github.com/edubart/otclient/downloads) of the project's github page.
For any other platform or protocol you will need to compile the source code. Currently Linux/Windows
platforms and protocols 860/861/862 are supported.
platforms and protocols 8.6x are supported.
### Compiling
In short, if you need to compile OTClient, follow these tutorials:
* [Compiling on Windows](http://otclient.info/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=2&record=9)
* [Compiling on Ubuntu](http://otclient.info/index.php?app=ccs&module=pages&section=pages&id=2&record=12)
* [Compiling on Windows](http://otclient.info/tutorials/compiling_on_windows.html)
* [Compiling on Linux](http://otclient.info/tutorials/compiling_on_linux.html)
### Need help?
Checkout our website at <http://otclient.info> for tutorials and more information.
If you have any questions or are looking for more information, please feel free to ask on our official
forum at <http://otclient.info> or talk with us at #otclient irc.freenode.net
forum at <http://forum.otclient.info> or talk with us at #otclient irc.freenode.net
### Bugs
Have found a bug? Please create an issue in our [bug tracker](http://otclient.info/tracker)
Have found a bug? Please create an issue in our [bug tracker](https://github.com/edubart/otclient/issues)
### Contributing
We encourage you to contribute to OTClient! Please check out
We encourage you to contribute to otclient! Please check out
[our website](http://otclient.info/) for guidelines about how to proceed. Join us!
We are currently needing help in the following areas:
* Designing new UI themes or improving the current one
* Translating the client to other languages
* Documenting lua APIs and creating tutorials
* Scripting with lua new modules or improving the current ones
* Documenting and creating tutorials
* Scripting new modules or improving the current ones
* Porting otclient to other otserv protocols (8.54, 8.7, 9.x, etc)
* Spreading otclient project over the web and bring it to new possible contributors
* Testing the client itself to report bugs and missing features in our bug tracker
### Contact
You have 3 options, use the forum at http://otclient.info , talk directly with us at #otclient irc.freenode.net
You have 3 options, use the [forum](http://forum.otclient.info/), talk directly with us at #otclient irc.freenode.net
or send an email directly to the project leader edub4rt@gmail.com
### License
OTClient is made available under the MIT License, thus this means that you are free
Otclient is made available under the MIT License, thus this means that you are free
to do whatever you want, commercial, non-commercial, closed or open.
### Donate
OTClient needs your support, if you really like and use it, please donate. Anyone can donate
Otclient needs your support, if you really like and use it, please donate. Anyone can donate
by clicking the Donate button in otclient website. We might prioritize features
requests from who donate, in this case you can send an email to the project leader.


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game_shaders (with shader manager)
game_map (with save/load/options)
game_minimap (with all tibia functionality)
make left panel optional
must close last container when opening a new containers
move chat tabs
save/load mini windows states/location when restarting the client
load modules from zip files
manual autoload setting in module manager
complete a smarter miniwindow moving/resizing
make miniwindow borderless on double click
polish interface skin
new optional skin
send otclient/system information to a third party server
reload spr/dat while ingame
create and bind new game events
text selection
login queue
port to MacOs and iphone
allow multiple Map and Game instances ?
display exit box when exiting from game
load modules from zip packages
move up/down in lineedits
select characters in lineedits
scrolling multiline edit
mouse wheel lineedits
onMapKnown event
save different account/pasword/server for each otclient protocol version
dont store textures upsidedown
* game
do not redraw in MapView far zoom
map zoom rendering could be optimized using framebuffer caches
multisample option in map view
move rendering of creatures names, skulls, etc to UI and scripts
clean sprites cache periodically
handle corrupt errors in dat/spr
throw exceptions when fail to read a file
fix C++ exceptions messages inside onExtendedOpcode
rework outfit masks drawing
complete rework on autowalk
* framework
rework Settings/g_configs
platform cursor cache
replace onKey events with Hotkeys.bind
add -no-sound option
rework lua/c++ logger
* ui
rework hover => onWidgetVisibilityChange onWidgetEnableChange onWidgetMove onAppear onDisappear
reset dragging widget on destruction/visibility change/enable change
cancel layout changes on non visible widgets (acts like it doesn't exist)
add more anchors warnings to make creation of OTUIs easier
review UI/style loader and make more error prone with more warnings
change Align/Anchors lua API from enum to text
review widgets rendering order, consider adding z-index
reapply anchor styles when adding new childs
style inheritance using a style translator
find a way to add new widgets without focusing them
make set of background/icon/image width alone work
make api to enable/disable capture of events like mouseMove to avoid massive event processing
move layout proprieties to widget style
terminate rework of ui events propagation (for Key events)
* lua engine
make possible to bind non LuaObject derived classes on lua engine (for usage with Point,Rect,Color,Size)
review usage of x,y/width,height in lua instead of point/size
* modules system
use one isolated environment for each module