3 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  BenDol d7429c201c Started 1050 implementation and fix ups: 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart b5911cf1de Use client version instead of entergame 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 71cccac3da Many changes 8 years ago
  BeniS 8cdab5c814 Tested and fixed #155 8 years ago
  BeniS 44e428bccb Progress updating to cv981/pv973: 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago e244e1975d Format name as a feature, do not connect if dont have dat/spr 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago e27423660c Do not fatal cause of missing spr/dat anymore. 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 90312965bc Avoid spr loading freeze when logging 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c795eb91ab More multiprotocol support 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c54cd1fdf1 Use new coding style in game modules 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart b0e6b3b8fb Update item OTBM attributes reader 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 7cd49712f8 Add missing file 8 years ago