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  Gesche 548fca00d6 add requirements 1 year ago
  Gesche 3247bafdd8 add uwsgi config 1 year ago
  Gesche 6c1c60ae51 redirect from / to /accounts/ 1 year ago
  Gesche 2a2b841cc0 allow hosting anywhere 1 year ago
  Gesche 13c259cc60 password as password field in form 1 year ago
  Gesche 84fc9f9570 add getting started page 1 year ago
  Gesche f1646f6dce add motivational screenshots 2 years ago
  Gesche c8f8073904 add styling! 2 years ago
  Gesche 55c1f788a7 remove vocation choice (all chars start as none on tutorial island) 2 years ago
  Gesche e7b78f418a add town id where to go after death on player create 2 years ago
  Gesche 5acbde1f07 add create character stuff 2 years ago
  Gesche f082f04d01 add link between django user and accounts table 2 years ago
  Gesche 5d618dc16e add authentication via django auth package 2 years ago
  Gesche cd8e918890 add index and login page (not yet good) 2 years ago
  Gesche 44036e57e9 inital commit 2 years ago