Group selection icons in CliMultiMenu API

The select/unselect icons of a CliMultiMenu will in nearly all cases be
changed together, therefore it makes sense to let the API be less
verbose for this case.

This is an API breaking change for CliMultiMenu
Sebastian Lohff 4 years ago
parent 12552d8e5b
commit 411bb3a7fe

@ -311,18 +311,15 @@ class CliMenu:
class CliMultiMenu(CliMenu):
default_selected_icon = '[x]'
default_unselected_icon = '[ ]'
default_selection_icons = ('[x]', '[ ]')
def set_default_selector_icons(cls, selected_icon, unselected_icon):
cls.default_selected_icon = selected_icon
cls.default_unselected_icon = unselected_icon
def set_default_selector_icons(cls, selection_icons):
cls.default_selection_icons = selection_icons
def __init__(self, *args, selected_icon=None, unselected_icon=None, **kwargs):
def __init__(self, *args, selection_icons=None, **kwargs):
self._multi_selected = []
self._selected_icon = selected_icon if selected_icon is not None else self.default_selected_icon
self._unselected_icon = unselected_icon if unselected_icon is not None else self.default_unselected_icon
self._selection_icons = selection_icons if selection_icons is not None else self.default_selection_icons
super().__init__(*args, **kwargs)
def add_option(self, text, item=None, selected=False):
@ -360,9 +357,9 @@ class CliMultiMenu(CliMenu):
def _transform_prefix(self, item, lineno, prefix):
if item.focusable:
if lineno in self._multi_selected:
icon = self._selected_icon
icon = self._selection_icons[0]
icon = self._unselected_icon
icon = self._selection_icons[1]
return "{}{} ".format(prefix, icon)
return prefix

@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ q = [
"Option 4"
m = CliMultiMenu(q, "Make your choice (<space> selects, <return> accepts):\n", cursor=CliMenuCursor.ASCII_ARROW,
unselected_icon="", selected_icon="")
selection_icons=("", ""))
print("You selected", m.get_selection())
print("You selected num:", m.get_selection_num())