54 Commits (b506c7c8a20a1f515c5781fc3c3a11d79e725d15)

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  Sebastian Lohff b506c7c8a2 Python3 fixes for old crawler 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 90cbce9550 Improve conv tool to convert all old graphs 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 7208502bfb Save graph in crawl converter 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 53c70e8042 Get graph from api for new map 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff ec3ed26fa6 Broken line width calculation (returns always 3) 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff ba59fd48d1 Stub detection + no path protection for crawl converter 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff e3c83bc83e Prefix belongs to last node in as path, not first 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff c81e632a72 Properly maintain neighbor count for everyone 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9784d4dc7c Add ASN last seen tab 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff f898cd8d40 Add stubs, neighbors, etc to crawl data 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 99c02a84d6 Remove some prints 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 214f9680c0 WIP: new map 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff bbf4061292 Add all migrations, leftover from migration 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff dc0111ce6d Add restframework based API 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 15f4971bde Move API from /map/api/ to /api/v1/ 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff a609eff143 Add restframework, grpcio and protobuf to deps 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 31d4620adf Django 2 migration 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 285ee74560 WIP: Rework complete backend 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 87642cc4d9 Add GoBGP data source 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff b9956c0246 Python3: Use __str__ instead of __unicode 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 525d8a724d Migrate from tabs to spaces 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff e98400e1b5 Use non-relative import for python3 migration 1 year ago
  Sebastian Lohff 181d855033 Move static files dir 2 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff eb6462be50 Migrate template settings to new Django version 2 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 0d1efce614 Preliminary requirements 2 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff d2aba6fc9b Url migrations for django 1.11 2 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 4d24a285f6 Readme + GPLv3 licensing 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 63b2a35010 Check-mk routing plugin 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff ab5b37a335 Adjustments for new FRR 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 27923c756d Compability for parsing FRR like Quagga 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 2af6d82058 Make paths in settings.py "relative" 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff a82b0d090e Show last 200 crawls on front page 4 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5d5e7999c3 Now with announcements being displayed! 5 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 626f9fcf5d Pagination, at least half of it 5 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c520392e5e *shrug* 5 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff ead7e2f7d3 Save stats of run in CrawlRun() - much faster 5 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 6b53bcf359 Socket test if host is online 5 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 2fea65579b Better bird parsing 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 15bfd12b5c More database idizes 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 902bc6be3d Fixed routerparser, supports incomplete routes now 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 76920cf3f1 Tooltips for as counts on overview page 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f961a1d0c6 Template for crawl 404 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 35e897520b Dead code for displaying ajax info on ASses 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 0ce6a266ae associate crawled hosts with crawlrun entry 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 96f11dcd26 headings 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff cc7e8d12ae format datetimes 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 51b2ee7e45 404 on crawl not found 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 7eda175d24 Fixed tooltip position for firefox 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff fab0701626 Improved overview 6 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 4cf5383d0d Tooltips 6 years ago