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@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ Yes, there is a whoisd running on port 43 on the same server as the webinterface
```$ whois -h $host MAIN16-ASB```
The whoisd and is rfc3912 compatible.
The whoisd is rfc3912 compatible.
#### What is the difference between mnt by and mnt lower?
The mnt_by can edit the whole objects, mnt_lower can only edit parts of the object. For an InetNum object
@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ No.
#### What are glue records?
When your nameserver is below its own domain (e.g. ```ns1.noot.dn.``` is under ```noot.dn```) a resolver cannot
now the ```A```/```AAAA``` records of ```ns1.noot.dn.``` without knowing the ```A```/```AAAA``` record of ```ns1.noot.dn.```.
resolv the ```A```/```AAAA``` records of ```ns1.noot.dn.``` without knowing the ```A```/```AAAA``` record of ```ns1.noot.dn.```.
This recursive dependency is solved by using glue records. With glue records you can tell the TLD
nameserver (dn. in this case) where to find your nameserver.