3D Game of Life implementation in c++
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Conway's "Game of Life" in 2d/3d
written by seba (www.seba-geek.de)

- Write a field-file
Begin with a header in the first line
<x (width)> <y (height)> <torus>
For example "21 21 1" would be a 21x21 field torus

After the header follows the field-definition,
col => x-axis, row => y-axis
0 is a dead cell
1 is a living cell

Look at the example.fld for further explaination

- Controls
t Toggle 2d/3d mode
p Pause
o Toggle OSD
e Toggle Edit-Mode
Move with shift + arrows
Toggle fieldstate withs Space
Clear field with shift + c
b Toggle buildup of cells
-/+ In- or decrease speed