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Konrad Mohrfeldt ec463c9efa added animated svg for search and buy progress, added lock svg 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 1f8e805a4d added graphic sources for approved/pending icons 11 years ago
seba 23b2164e23 moved map, added docs link 11 years ago
seba 17e9321eed added thumbnail support (kudoes to tannek) 11 years ago
theresa 37cd8698bf devel/ cleanup + a bit README text 11 years ago
theresa e7253465d7 Beautify settings page and buying history, order items in store 11 years ago
Konrad Mohrfeldt 2f98b6b17c added raw images for deposit and payment+deposit 11 years ago
seba 252010544d added check for admin plugin user group membership 11 years ago
seba c42babf7c3 TODOs for release 11 years ago
seba 4fbd3c6651 Added a *lot* of documentation 11 years ago
seba 6ee2e91338 added barcodesupport, docs and removed old apidoc 11 years ago
seba 4ad0d0d0c0 thads todo 11 years ago
seba 171bc9827d Added current devcat status to git 11 years ago
seba 0f6c60020c Api2 with multiple auth handlers (for ajax reqs) 11 years ago
seba 3aa0339387 TODOs.. 11 years ago
seba 97ea6a6d31 whuppie, works (mostly), minor api probs 11 years ago
seba a1052df608 Plugin + API + Changing user works 11 years ago
seba 8e0ad87341 started user plugin settings 11 years ago
seba dc585b47be put plugin entities into ER 11 years ago
seba cf83f8def2 transaction GET/POST now possible 11 years ago
seba 85c37459c1 api needs account balance 11 years ago
seba b3ec6090d9 FloatField to Decimal + further API 11 years ago
seba c7ad4be6e4 api2 beginning, minor changes 11 years ago
seba ad792b6747 Konrad entries in TODO <3 12 years ago
TKroenert 7e5474ff16 Homeseite mit sortierung was am liebsten getrunken wurde 12 years ago
seba 769619310e konto double send bug 12 years ago
TKroenert 46549fd3b2 TODO 12 years ago
TKroenert 3c722f4ea0 todos 12 years ago
seba 60fe5ca2d2 ich schreib mal alles up. das is nu kaputt 12 years ago
seba 37c8beae9e ER nach Diskussion 12 years ago
seba e8a8969662 Komische skizze 12 years ago
TKroenert e27a2a7b13 kleine Umbennungen und weitere Idee 12 years ago
TKroenert 2212058420 gedanken zum projekt und zur projektplanung die nur per tablet festgehalten werden konnten 12 years ago
seba cdd4609f8e updated er 12 years ago
seba 856086fa92 Bissl am ER rumgeschraubt 13 years ago
TKroenert 52a2873bf0 add: Wildes_rumgekritzel von Freitag + wilde gedanken an dich 13 years ago
seba 8e1d5e9534 Added official song 13 years ago
seba efdb08497f Initial commit 13 years ago