266 Commits (738b8cf2405bf4cdf14e4cee36ec37bde79e8846)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sebastian Lohff 738b8cf240 Fix for encoding problems with barcode-display (fixes #26) 10 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 9e2b0574ee make some buyable urls accessible by name 10 years ago
  MasterofJOKers 602c6585f8 Rebuild main view 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9bad46cf2d Fixed Transaction ,-usage and error for transactiontype 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b71b95436f Fixed: Using default checked value for api transactions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c0e9f81bf0 Added helper for Authblob 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff e87b8e6ca1 Allows multiple Authblobs (Fixes #22) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 70766bba44 Order and Purchase now consistend (Fixes #14) 10 years ago
  tkroenert 614b77b6ac Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 10 years ago
  tkroenert 86a9ecd598 Kontostand auf Konto-seite hinzugefuegt. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 9f55a64923 Cleaned up Transaction save/delete 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c2d144ea91 Removed transfer (transact-alias) urls from api2 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff df32875789 API refactoring, introduced getError 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5dc8770783 Added API-Support for Virtual Transactions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f97a501f1c Fixed exception on user-not-found in form 10 years ago
  Theresa Enghardt f7dc5bda50 Improve admin interface: Transaction list, filters, order list with purchases, buyable list... 10 years ago
  tkroenert 7da1e4875b showItem: *fix: BuyDeposit-button where there is no deposiyyy 10 years ago
  tkroenert 7e608ae6af virtualtransaction: add listingz 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping d480ea8805 client-barcode: Add workaround for German keyboard layout 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 294425f2b6 client-barcode: Add "neu" highlight to 5 euro charge code on howto sheet 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 621f8017c8 client-barcode: Allow empty commit (bug #17, broken by introduction of bulkbuy) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 64ce18cb74 client-barcode: Save empty bulkbuy going over the line 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 156a0df88d client-barcode: Split Status.commit() up into sub-functions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 27962ad107 Cleanup and regex enhancement of CurrencyField 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 38068e1ebb transaction: change "minValue('0')" to "notZero" 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff f432ffc70b Fixed race condition when transacting to own user 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 16cfd63e4a Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 5f0c0c14fc Cleanup of VirtualTransaction 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 526cc6c6c8 client-barcode: Fix call to LCD code 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff ccd9e327c7 Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff c3100ad09a Implemented first part for VirtualTransactions. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 04f9741de7 client-barcode: Implement and integrate bulkbuy 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 4e93c66b64 Fixed API urls, allowed to use bulkbuy without / 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff 1e7820b80b completed er for virtual transactions 10 years ago
  TKroenert 1e26d28122 Merge branch 'master' of someserver.de:k4ever 10 years ago
  TKroenert 38e1bb44dc ER-diagram: add VirtualTransaction 10 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 0a26f74872 display escape codes replaced by api calls 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff fd46332e65 Fixed transaction checking. 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff eaf1551fa1 Added password changing for non-ldap user 10 years ago
  Sebastian Lohff b458cfaead Fixed #5 - Wrong API-Doc for Api /buy/ 10 years ago
  Konrad Mohrfeldt bc18ed6661 fix: javascript-enabled click&buy didnt recognize deposit or item+deposit buttons 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping f2ad3bb89b client-barcode: Replace 10 Euro by 5 Euro on howto sheet 10 years ago
  tkroenert 0ee86a1228 Merge branch 'master' of git.someserver.de:k4ever 10 years ago
  tkroenert 447224b0fe transactions: add filter against 0.00 transactions 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 53368e49ac client-barcode: Commit 6 deposits of 1.00 Euro as one deposit of 6.00 Euro (bug #203) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 7046890acf client-barcode: Show sum of commodity and deposit on item info page, too (bug #202) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping eff542bc99 client-barcode: Increase presentation time of item info page (bug #202) 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping 5ba9cf97d6 Revert "client-barcode: Turn off console echo (experiment for now, idea by Andy Gunschl)" 10 years ago
  Florian Streibelt 10962d479f sleep entfernt, etc 10 years ago
  Sebastian Pipping a0f1acffc1 client-barcode: Reduce presentation time of item info page 10 years ago