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Sebastian Lohff 12 years ago
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servefile changelog
2012-04-27 v0.4.0
2012-05-04 v0.4.1
0.4.1 released
* tar + compression feature
* compression
* shows fingerprint for self generated certs
* added manpage
2012-04-16 v0.4.0
0.4.0 released

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include changelog
include ChangeLog
include servefile.1

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# Written by Sebastian Lohff (
__version__ = '0.4.0'
__version__ = '0.4.1'
import argparse
import base64

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.TH SERVEFILE "20" "April 2012" "servefile 0.4.0" "User Commands"
.TH SERVEFILE "20" "April 2012" "servefile 0.4.1" "User Commands"
servefile \- small HTTP-Server for temporary file transfer
@ -105,9 +105,9 @@ Uploading file foo as bar to servefile via command line:
curl \-X POST http://ip:port/bar \-d @foo
wget http://ip:port/bar \-\-post-file=foo
serving a on the fly generated tar.gz file of a directory:
Serving a on the fly generated tar.gz file of a directory:
servefile --tar -c gzip path/to/dir
servefile \-\-tar \-c gzip path/to/dir
servefile is developed by Sebastian Lohff <>

@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ setup(
description='Serve files from shell via a small HTTP server',
long_description='Serve files from shell via a small HTTP server. The server redirects all HTTP requests to the file, so only IP and port must be given to another user to access the file. Its main purpose is to quickly send a file to users in your local network, independent of their current setup (OS/software). Beneath that it also supports uploads, SSL, HTTP basic auth and directory listings.',
license='GPLv3 or later',
author='Sebastian Lohff',