145 次代码提交 (4161a3d721ae394fce3c7b545300fdf58bf2e1b7)

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Sebastian Lohff 4161a3d721 Further codeformatting 8 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 2d434d83a1 Code reformatting 8 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 41a0f64ff7 Explicitly set encoding for http requests in tests 8 个月前
Sebastian Lohff d87a42cf8e Add PUT upload fix to changelog 10 个月前
Paweł Chojnacki 6537c054e5 Fix PUT uploads 10 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 65fcac5c49 Fix encoding handling for file listing with py2 11 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 0334e74996 Add Github Actions workflow to run tox 11 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 8217034753 Drop python3.5 support 11 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 9fa4ed0026 Quote filenames in Location header on redirect 11 个月前
Sebastian Lohff 1f451e0f29 Allow ports for tests to be specified via env 1年前
Sebastian Lohff e31c8fb016 Fix broken pyopenssl and debian references 1年前
Sebastian Lohff 058de2f39c Fix exception on transmission abort with python3 1年前
Sebastian Lohff 11a7d8bd13 Release v0.5.1 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff f2594c2adf Release v0.5.0 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 95852ba11d Change project url to GitHub 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 14771695c4 Add README.md 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 5c78991bc8 Advertise python3.5 support 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff ef41f65996 Workaround for python2 deprecation in tests 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 19c1b000a4 Make servefile a python package 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 3d46950d6c Use spaces instead of tabs for setup.py 2 年前
Sebastian Pipping 864b2161b1 Cover Python 3.7 and 3.8 2 年前
Sebastian Pipping 8fe46c42a7 setup.py: Migrate to setuptools + polishing 2 年前
Sebastian Pipping 0819d23f47 tests: Use sys.executable during tests 2 年前
Sebastian Pipping a7d273f13f tests: Prepare version-specific code for extension 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff dce8c995f6 Add test requirements to setup.py 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff 2b138446d4 Change shebang to /usr/bin/env python 2 年前
Sebastian Lohff ccd01e8b6e Fix -4/-6 crash caused by broken filter statement 2 年前
MasterofJOKers 907013522c Make `targetDir` absolute by default 2 年前
MasterofJOKers e5f9b39025 tests: Pass additional tox args to pytest 3 年前
Sebastian Lohff 6e27ecfe8c Python3 SSL socket handling 3 年前
Sebastian Lohff 0e33743293 Fix imports and unicode handling for Python3 3 年前
Sebastian Lohff 93e0c3dd7e Initial tests 3 年前
MasterofJOKers 08ac08718b List view allows sorting by "Last Modified", "Name", "Size" 3 年前
Sebastian Lohff 30738981f4 Document lzma/xz support in manpage 3 年前
Sebastian Lohff 53d803626d
Merge pull request #2 from bitwave/tar-lzma-support 3 年前
bitwave aeb8588198 added compression method lzma for tar files 4 年前
Sebastian Lohff a0b8ae4932 Moved to v0.4.4 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff cd7eee21be Fixed directory traversal bug with direcotry listing 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 11ad07cc76 Replaced posixpath calls with os.path 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 0c781c2b73 Send correct headers on range/HEAD request 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff cb4ebb017f Only catch ValueError, not all exceptions 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 42949c1403 Swallow traces when client aborts transmission 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 46757ff89b Mute SSL exceptions on connection shutdown 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 659383bf30 Issue v3 certificate with --ssl 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 9201b62f18 Use TLS1.2 / TLS1 with --ssl if available 7 年前
Sebastian Lohff 6b85d23752 Moved to v0.4.3 9 年前
Sebastian Lohff 320839d856 Display user/password in url-list when authentication is used 9 年前
Sebastian Lohff 80c9d9fe0a Connection: close headers to disable http-keep-alive 10 年前
Sebastian Lohff 72b561ace7 Fixed connection keep-alive bug for basic auth 10 年前
Sebastian Lohff d54b3f5b8d Nicer display of OSError exception messages 10 年前