24 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  diath cb508c6b9f Fix write dir missing a trailing slash (#947) 2 years ago
  BenDol 2d84fae2c8 Can now create new configs on the fly using: local config = g_configs.create(file) 6 years ago
  BenDol 61059e66ec Started implementing ability to load custom config files (currently unstable). 6 years ago
  Sam da959aca28 Support for protocol 7.7/7.72 / Tiny fix 6 years ago
  Ricardo Ianelli b08d0ff157 One more small fix 7 years ago
  Ricardo Ianelli 72d63673ca Identation Fixes 7 years ago
  Ricardo Ianelli cbeab6f9b0 Moving start messages to lua 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 9aca1644e6 Implement rule violations, closes #218 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 28b5fc1d5a Refactor modules, closes #223 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 8bb115d6d4 Fix issue #134 7 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 23097980a3 Fix scrollbar slider move, outfit exact size, charlist focus 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart eb24d6776e Multi-protocol 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 59fc3d5f77 Rename 'addons' folder to 'mods' to avoid 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart bc81c9c8bf Packages system with .otpkg files 7 years ago
  niczkx 992cbf9d1d mapeditor changes 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 9bfd2617e9 Fix some lua errors 7 years ago
  Kamil 8f492f7e06 Fixed bug with adding Vip from console or map, who is already on viplist. 7 years ago
  otfallen c8d9833444 woops, added new type to gitignore aswellas commit changes to init.lua 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 4ac3ec8344 Minor fixes for releasing otclient 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 6f12261aef Move otclientrc.lua to top dir 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ea2967e1ad Update version to 0.5 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 10c227c1ad trolol 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 98a1b611bf Refactor for documentation 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e65a8456e9 Add binary tree class for reading otb 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 8761220deb Refactoring and flexibility changes 7 years ago