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  Gesche 5965d138a1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/master' 9 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 83ae66e6ae
Merge pull request #1026 from divinity76/patch-3 10 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz fdba9d5e9c
Merge pull request #1030 from Shawak/patch-1 10 months ago
  Maximilian 833f029335
don't call getChildren() thrice 10 months ago
  divinity76 97d2be8187
urlencode stuff 10 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz e244ba4775
Merge pull request #1025 from diath/fix_ignore_list 10 months ago
  Kamil Chojnowski e5ec5ff6c8 Fix saving ignore list and whitelist 10 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 779eb56068
Fix setBuffer of InputMessage class 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 322c6fde3e Change default AVX instructions to SSE2 as mentioned in #1019 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 1c8cea513c
Fix setBuffer of the OutputMessage class 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 92532a958e
Merge pull request #967 from EgzoT/EgzoT-OutputMessage_setBuffer_2 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 53f57dfcf7
Merge pull request #929 from vamo89/vamo89-patch-2 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz ef8fa2472c
Merge pull request #1001 from divinity76/patch-2 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 8b8e7312ea
Fix code style 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz fd3db800fe
Fix default init of BIGNUM to nullptr 11 months ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 9186ac5321
Follow OTClient code style 11 months ago
  Gesche ad2079532e fix docker file 1 year ago
  Gesche 7fc3229610 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/edubart/otclient 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz d2a68ea301
Merge pull request #1008 from Arkamek/vs-settings 1 year ago
  Arkamek b231725294 Fix glew32/zlib debug mode 1 year ago
  Gesche 0681f02d87 rather show buggy graphics than crash! 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 62a48a94ff
Merge pull request #919 from EgzoT/EgzoT-VS_OTC_upd_ver 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 68872dd02c
Merge pull request #950 from codetriage-readme-bot/codetriage-badge 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c1369a7c92
Merge branch 'master' into codetriage-badge 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c4dce79b15
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c58bf46f5e
Merge pull request #954 from DavidUser/feature/docker-support 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 8b2bb127b0
Merge pull request #951 from EgzoT/EgzoT-setupViewMode_2_fix 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 33b60e842f
Merge pull request #966 from diath/msvc_fixes 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 70a95b2f04
Merge pull request #972 from EgzoT/EgzoT-UIComboBox_fix_getOption_to_isOption 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz e3b02a7c5d
Merge pull request #986 from okk3/patch-1 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 74d328206b
Merge pull request #1002 from diath/fix_magic_effects 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz db3ba0f679
Merge pull request #1006 from diath/improve_scrollbar_navigation 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz d563aafbc9
Merge pull request #990 from EgzoT/EgzoT-Show_more_information_in_stamina_bar_2 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 7e31980ba3
Merge pull request #965 from diath/fix_tab_blink 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f7ceb788e8
Merge pull request #1004 from diath/add_channel_events 1 year ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 710212c23a
Merge pull request #1003 from diath/fix_keyboard_desc 1 year ago
  Samuel Gros d1500746c0
Merge pull request #981 from DSpeichert/vcpkg-fixes 1 year ago
  Samuel Gros a6c7269f78
Merge pull request #1005 from diath/message_prefixes 1 year ago
  Kamil Chojnowski a40130d79b Fix magic effect animations in newer client versions 1 year ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 8301bc74f3 Add support for channel events 1 year ago
  Kamil Chojnowski c4be084516 Fix an issue with key combo desc not working properly with integer keys 1 year ago
  Kamil Chojnowski b8228ac6eb Don't apply message prefixes to messages with empty name 1 year ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 57a1f5eebe Improve scrollbar navigation 1 year ago
  divinity76 79e31cb041
OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 compatibility 1 year ago
  EgzoT 0e8464bd42
Show more information in stamina bar 1 year ago
  Okke a93333ddbf
Function updateJump() fix 1 year ago
  Daniel Speichert dc729d9846
Fix formatting 1 year ago
  Daniel Speichert 271790d22e Upgrade vcxproj + fix path to OpenAL from vcpkg 1 year ago
  Daniel Speichert ad769d6614 Fix compilation errors (READ_TIMEOUT, READ_TIMEOUT) 1 year ago
  Samuel Gros 07b4b785fc
Merge pull request #934 from diath/fix_login_protocol 1 year ago