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This is a small multiplayer game.

Each player starts a story by writing a sentence. Then the story is passed to the next player. Each player only sees the last sentence and writes a sentence to continue the story. After a predefined number of rounds the game is finished. The resulting stories are presented to all players.


pip install -r requrements.txt


python migrate python runserver

Technical Overview

To start a game a StoryRound is started. Participants are added, and an ordering of Participants is selected and a .

To start every Participant gets a Story and starts it with a sentence (StoryPart). Then the story is passed to the next Participant according to the ordering.

MVP Plan


  • Create Form to start a StoryRound (with forced alphabetical ordering)
  • Build Sentence writing page
  • Build result view
  • include open and past round links in start page
  • add login page and make login required


  • Create Wizzard for StoryRound including custom Ordering