32 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  EgzoT 78ca89d2b4
Add compiler info to version label in start screen 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 0e0f194df6 Replace a defunct otclient.info link with a link to this repo (closes #821) 3 years ago
  EgzoT d44733ff3e Add function getBackground 3 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 9a54bfcc90 Minimap, hotkeys and lot of other changes 8 years ago
  BeniS 7f5dda5c8f Re-add destroying for unloading, other clean up: 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c28596292f Text selection in chat 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 9907e9e5c7 Fix particles and some fun in the background LOL 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 28b5fc1d5a Refactor modules, closes #223 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago e6bd3907e1 Background label hide function, Skins fix and combobox hide, messagebox changes, show entergame when reload 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart eb24d6776e Multi-protocol 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 4ac3ec8344 Minor fixes for releasing otclient 8 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 46e3fbe045 Resize background image to 1024, so it'll be loadeable in old hardware 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 98a1b611bf Refactor for documentation 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 788a831f24 bug report module 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 1d2f6c7e9f enable text-auto-resize for width 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 58d9426be8 small changes 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 239f58296e restore inventory and healthbar 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 33458a3e39 modules changes 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c0611bfe2a restore some game functionallity 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 26629cf77c woops! 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart a24212d4de back to otclient dev, with new background! 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e03bf33f58 BEAWARE all game functionality is disabled with this commit for a while 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 46df3c7dbe some window moving 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 88301c329a a lot of changes in modules 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart f97104f12e replace require with dofile, rename Hotkeys to Keyboard 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart a55e138002 some cleanup in modules, fixes in tooltip, uiwidget warnings, disable map saving for a while 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart a1374baee1 major UIWidget rewrite with new features 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c4b2dd18d6 restore terminal, rework console 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 4620f71444 fix game losing focus, handle enter/escape on add vip window 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 30ce5e2ba9 reorganize some stuff 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 05230f44e4 new lua function for creating widgets: createWidget 9 years ago
  Eduardo Bart cf0aab6d4d reorganize modules 9 years ago