1209 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  EgzoT b58c438015 UIMiniWindowContainer small improve (#938) 2 years ago
  EgzoT e6f273d5e1 Add functionality to minimap flags system (#931) 2 years ago
  diath 7967bd4385 Fix vertical tooltip clamping (#942) 2 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 2bb9fdc82b Fix parsing the premium status in newer login protocol versions 2 years ago
  EgzoT 78ca89d2b4
Add compiler info to version label in start screen 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 0e0f194df6 Replace a defunct otclient.info link with a link to this repo (closes #821) 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 3b23b787f3 Add creature type icons for summons 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 68371c98d4 Add a button to show the top menu when it's hidden 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 483988f814 Add a keyboard shortcut to toggle topmenu visibility 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 93f51fe127 Add player mana bar 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski d889b5aaf2 Add turn and hotkey delay 3 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 74caa132c5 Fix game interface not gaining focus after exitting the market (closes #869) 3 years ago
  Sportacus a9f6f7662f Log file saves specific to server and character 4 years ago
  EgzoT d44733ff3e Add function getBackground 3 years ago
  EgzoT bc507fd98b Sending trade request using "UICreatureButton" 3 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa af92792d4a Fix Login problem and use removeEvent (#816) 3 years ago
  Joao Pasqualini Costa 2292df922d Fix Look (#818) 3 years ago
  conde2 a644dff043 Show missing translation on console 3 years ago
  Ahmed Samy deee6ed8c9 Completion for #764 3 years ago
  zygzagZ 9d2298037e Fixed inconsistences between const.lua and const.h causing messagetypes not to work 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 344146ba2d 10.96, 10.97, 10.98, 10.99 support 4 years ago
  Sam 1ec3b65a3a 10.94, 10.95 support 4 years ago
  Sam 8992d40e37 Update PIC signature 4 years ago
  Sam 1c09c3770b Protocol 10.93 4 years ago
  dalvorsn a165bef741 Fixed issue in function fitAll: mini windows containers was exceeding the size of the panels. 4 years ago
  Sam 7a8e605704 Minimal 10.91 support 4 years ago
  BenDol f024e30753 Fix NPC chat when ignoring private messages. 4 years ago
  TheSumm 80184a1249 Initial 10.90 support 5 years ago
  TheSumm 0d8791e1a7 Protocol updates up to 10.82 5 years ago
  Nailson d41fe195f4 Add 'GameKeepUnawareTiles' feature. 5 years ago
  Nailson f1fdbd56e9 Add a flag for idle animation game feature. 5 years ago
  BenDol 0afbfd58ce Proper gameinterface load sequence, thanks @Quintinon 5 years ago
  BenDol 6c5549dd46 This was already fixed. 5 years ago
  BenDol 7a7f63586f Fix serverlist issues from previous commit. 5 years ago
  BenDol 07a2995285 Fix NPC static text and missing SpeakType. 5 years ago
  TheSumm b822e92c0e Fixed serverlist to ignore invalid settings when loading 5 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 78bdf20603 Fix last motd number saving 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz b5a14ddb68 Add context menu option "Select all" for channel 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e4302562ff Change new line from CR LF to LF when copying console text 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 471b8362e2 ConsoleLabel should not be focusable 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz a33fcd19b4 Improve multi-line selection (find bouding children) 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 7f2f70e1a6 Change signalcall to protectedcall in console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f9d183837a Add option to save messages from channel 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 02c6b1b6c7 Missing changes for multiline text 5 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 0c1540e531 Improve multiline text selection, closes #507 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 559e545e36 Few more minor fixes to selection in game console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz cf90bb9807 Fix selection 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f35c939fc3 Start working on multi-line selection for console 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz c5ea8c98fb Add cn option to struct 5 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 02ab50d8dd Minor mistake in unpacking string 5 years ago