152 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eduardo Bart aa924dc348 Fixes in CMake for building snapshots 5 years ago
  BenDol dbed09cb55 Update to 0.6.6 5 years ago
  Ahmed Samy c96b717273 Fix library installation 6 years ago
  Ahmed Samy d245b7fb29 Revert "Build framework dynamically by default" 6 years ago
  Ahmed Samy edde71fc09 Build framework dynamically by default 6 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 8dc831088e CMake: Optional static/shared linkage for the framework lib 6 years ago
  Ahmed Samy c07d448aac CMake: Build framework independently from OTClient then link OTC against 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 117833addc Update to version 0.6.5 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 0d44942e8e Version 0.6.4 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart b5911cf1de Use client version instead of entergame 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d911b38d68 defaults SQL to off 7 years ago
  BeniS f4263384bc Fix boost issue on Ubuntu and fix MySQL lib issue 7 years ago
  BeniS 02d32565e9 Work on sql framework classes 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 41b81da76f Towards 0.6.2 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d9ee4dccbe Version 0.6.1 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 637b6ceca2 Trying to get it compiling on Mac OS X 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d5d5e507af Update version to 0.6.0 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 1674575dc0 Minor fix 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 122577a916 Just rename some files 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart bce8e90ede Next version will be 0.5.6 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ec8a9eddf2 Next version will be 0.5.5 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 737001264d Update version to 0.5.4 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d98f6f7673 New version 0.5.3 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ddd3f84ad7 Many fixes in win32 platform 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 5e3882f87a Add libgit2 library, new mingw32 libraries will be uploaded soon 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 6fdf23e22f Add make run target 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 584efb6ad2 Add config for travis build service 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart c218f915ba Fix possible link issue in OS X 7 years ago
  Eduardo Bart e3298d561c Rework application class and framework 8 years ago
  Henrique 9523b5cde5 Changes to last commit. Maybe add FW_LUA, FW_SOUND, etc definitions further 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 4515e360e4 A lot of cmake changes, fix compile on win32 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 8761220deb Refactoring and flexibility changes 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 10b33c6124 Compile with clang and add cotire 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart f14706206a continue implementing new graphics engine 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 7e6fe71b5e new build types 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 400afa9981 fix outfit glitches, init combobox, move shaders, remove unused particles files, create timer utility 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart cf0aab6d4d reorganize modules 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ffeb34e0e7 make framework more flexible, split cmake files 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d2d8a0097a add lua binding generator tools, changes in pch header 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart f548825faf too many changes to list, many regressions were made, master will be UNSTABLE for a few days 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart d5e15d1f06 add clock, change exceptions, add network exceptions, fix some crashes 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 4afbe43e6f changes to prepare revgraphics 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart b1e1487745 make linkage more platform independent 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 7cf246c97e options for using OpenGLES (not functional yet) 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 9ca1637677 fix bug running in virtualbox 8 years ago
  Henrique fa3b9fd125 add uigame 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart ce681480ea fix compile error on mingw32, add lua events for channels 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart b736e52b29 add icon in .exe generation for win32 8 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 532d7f239f new widget, UICheckBox 8 years ago
  Henrique a95d0bcc1f outfit window init 8 years ago