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  Bruno Minervino 882be286d9 Update copyright year for 2017 3 years ago
  Ahmed Samy d5858092ca Merge pull request #799 from zygzagZ/master 3 years ago
  zygzagZ 8486f6c867 Fixed talking with npc for 8.54 3 years ago
  zygzagZ 9d2298037e Fixed inconsistences between const.lua and const.h causing messagetypes not to work 3 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 42e0b0a025 Merge pull request #771 from jo3bingham/coding-style 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham e5d28e00e2 Fixes inconsistent coding style 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 56a641e516 Merge pull request #1 from edubart/master 3 years ago
  Samuel Gros 7cd01714fc Merge pull request #770 from jo3bingham/update-1099 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 9148d412e5 Replace tabs with spaces (again) 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 5a5adc4ed6 Replace tabs with spaces 3 years ago
  Joseph Bingham 344146ba2d 10.96, 10.97, 10.98, 10.99 support 3 years ago
  TibiaFun 0870fda2ac Update protocolcodes.cpp 3 years ago
  Tomasz Martyński 8ffacefb04 Fix typo 3 years ago
  Eduardo Bart a6a50fa162 Merge pull request #744 from ranisalt/copyright-year 3 years ago
  Eduardo Bart a5f4545168 Merge pull request #745 from ranisalt/cxx11 3 years ago
  Ranieri Althoff 551f30d32f
Replace deprecated c++11 test with cmake script 3 years ago
  Ranieri Althoff 2f1f62a916
Update copyright year for 2016 3 years ago
  Sam 1ec3b65a3a 10.94, 10.95 support 3 years ago
  Sam 8992d40e37 Update PIC signature 4 years ago
  Sam 1c09c3770b Protocol 10.93 4 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 0dfdb22509 Merge pull request #728 from dalvorsn/master 4 years ago
  dalvorsn a165bef741 Fixed issue in function fitAll: mini windows containers was exceeding the size of the panels. 4 years ago
  Henrique Santiago fa3068f6e6 Merge pull request #725 from ottools/master 4 years ago
  Nailson d1b26781d3 Fix 'getTopMultiUseThing' returning border items. 4 years ago
  Sam 7a8e605704 Minimal 10.91 support 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 5913cc0fd7 vc12: restore path as I thought they were originally like that 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy c6f5c5c725 vc12: Fix compilation and also give the compiler more options to use 4 years ago
  Sam 2b7e2a45ea Fix 7.4 walking over items with elevation 4 years ago
  BenDol f024e30753 Fix NPC chat when ignoring private messages. 4 years ago
  Sam 408b3c5125 Fix npc message mode 4 years ago
  TheSumm 90deb067a6 Added missing message types 4 years ago
  Ahmed Samy 39d4a7d842 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Crypton33/otclient 4 years ago
  TheSumm 37f563d3d5 Replaced some tabs with spaces 4 years ago
  TheSumm 80184a1249 Initial 10.90 support 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz ec9dafcfdf Fix #696 4 years ago
  Henrique Santiago b1a290981c Merge pull request #695 from ottools/master 4 years ago
  Nailson 2f3540c996 Small optimization. 4 years ago
  TheSumm 0d8791e1a7 Protocol updates up to 10.82 4 years ago
  Sam d9e8bfff4c Merge pull request #690 from ottools/master 4 years ago
  Nailson d41fe195f4 Add 'GameKeepUnawareTiles' feature. 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 1686d8081b Merge pull request #680 from ottools/master 4 years ago
  Nailson f1fdbd56e9 Add a flag for idle animation game feature. 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz ae25dbf6a5 Merge pull request #678 from ranisalt/fix-deprecated-openssl 4 years ago
  Ranieri Althoff 058b926a94 Replace deprecated function 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 4591a37844 My bad, wrong function name. 4 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 8abefb1505 Fix #601, fix #599 4 years ago
  BenDol 0afbfd58ce Proper gameinterface load sequence, thanks @Quintinon 4 years ago
  BenDol 6c5549dd46 This was already fixed. 4 years ago
  Ben Dol 0e0da9ecbf Merge pull request #654 from crackcomm/market-myoffers 4 years ago
  BenDol 7a7f63586f Fix serverlist issues from previous commit. 4 years ago