2595 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  TheSumm cb7cea6809 Tiny signalcall fix 6 years ago
  TheSumm 4e2ded571e Fixed not being able to relog after reloading gamelib 6 years ago
  TheSumm da2762dac3 Market now highlights offers which differ from the average price 6 years ago
  TheSumm eb3c244023 More Market fixes 6 years ago
  TheSumm 3157e7924f Market updates, now using showAs / tradeAs so every items works properly, some cleanup / bug fixing 6 years ago
  TheSumm 92e2e8224f Added market message, reworked text messages a little 6 years ago
  TheSumm 1d022905ab Fix button style (closes #607) 6 years ago
  TheSumm 607dab01d6 Added Market column sorting (fixes #429), updated UITable and fixed not working methods 6 years ago
  TheSumm 6edc73a8ba Fix Enter Game window not being centered on startup 6 years ago
  TheSumm 596717bf32 Added locale number formatting to locale files 6 years ago
  TheSumm b5cea41f87 Market fixes 6 years ago
  TheSumm 8542f8bfd4 Protocol 10.73 support 6 years ago
  TheSumm fc76ca4523 Updated advernturer blessing inventory style to be more robust 6 years ago
  TheSumm 63f95317a2 Fixed baseSpeed not being parsed (10.59+) 6 years ago
  TheSumm 26fb35fd4d Fixed major bug 6 years ago
  TheSumm a8f2bb19db Little polishing of Unjustified Points module 6 years ago
  TheSumm ddec9627b8 Protocol 10.72 (Authenticator) Support, Unjustified Points diplay 6 years ago
  TheSumm 24b1526534 Fixed sending wrong OS 6 years ago
  Konrad bf30fc0dc3 Add QEZC for diagonal walking as well as broadcast/red talk for gamemasters 6 years ago
  TheSumm 4b7770361d Fix parseLogin packet 6 years ago
  TheSumm 50c36bb2ba Fix for adventurer blessing style 6 years ago
  BenDol 16f6a0019c Fix dat loading issue with 10.00 & minor outfit window fix. 6 years ago
  TheSumm 7f3f18f991 Support for Protocols up to 10.71, Adventurer Blessing 6 years ago
  Ben Dol 6ab69b499d Merge pull request #567 from cymruu/master 6 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz f724506550 Merge pull request #614 from gpedro/patch-1 6 years ago
  Gabriel Pedro 1eb2bbd389 Add OSX Wiki 6 years ago
  Konrad Kusnierz 5ada7eb5ec Fix #600 6 years ago
  Konrad Kusnierz c49a6f3bf2 Fix for #596 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart aa924dc348 Fixes in CMake for building snapshots 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart f6fb785cea Use -O2 in release build 6 years ago
  BenDol 25e7b1d7a3 Fix logging in with 760 (until a better solution is found). 6 years ago
  BenDol bdfb77166e Reuse code by merging dash functionality with walk method. 6 years ago
  BenDol dbed09cb55 Update to 0.6.6 6 years ago
  BenDol 9f3ebb0036 Fix #577 dash will now fire onWalk (with isDash parameter). 6 years ago
  BenDol ddb5e58057 Fix #569 finally had some free time. 6 years ago
  Sam 4e5707720b Merge pull request #574 from diath/patch-console 6 years ago
  Sam e9628187f2 Merge pull request #573 from diath/patch-textwindow 6 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski c8f9cdd6fa Support upper and lower case letters for hotkeys starting with #s, #y and #w 6 years ago
  Kamil Chojnowski 7cfa9c38e0 Hide item image box when editing house lists 6 years ago
  Ben Dol 7cc368305f Merge pull request #571 from dominique120/master 6 years ago
  Dominique Verellen 682694cc07 Update graphicalapplication.cpp 6 years ago
  cymruu ac23b8e624 made a tool which generates empty locales template 6 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 12c4677912 indentations fix 6 years ago
  Konrad Kuśnierz 0e0ae6c083 Merge pull request #566 from cymruu/master 6 years ago
  Filip Bachul 49d62b8225 corrected polish locales a bit 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 0909e186a1 Merge pull request #559 from osmarjunior/master 6 years ago
  osmarjunior 3557879361 Fix bug when drawing mounts while walking 6 years ago
  Ben Dol fa317c534d Merge pull request #548 from Shawak/master 6 years ago
  Sam 119abec1cf Fix locales/es.lua, fixes #553 6 years ago
  Sam 92beee10d3 Revert "Update locales/es.lua, fixes #533" 6 years ago