2595 Commits (07b4b785fcb86f7e6632b0a5467b145701988a87)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Sam c110f32993 Update locales/es.lua, fixes #533 6 years ago
  Ben Dol a18970dceb Merge pull request #549 from edubart/1050_impl 6 years ago
  BenDol d3d3294277 Added missing premium trigger opcode. 6 years ago
  BenDol ef7f94ac76 Some minor changes/additions. 6 years ago
  Sam 9fcc4c7355 Fix typo in gameinterface.lua 6 years ago
  BenDol 751cb0ca8b Fix for #545 6 years ago
  BenDol 3343919c92 Added GameEnhancedAnimations to lua 6 years ago
  BenDol 4eb7668922 Can now login to official tibia servers. 6 years ago
  BenDol c706dc12fe Update PIC_SIGNATURE can now access the character list. 6 years ago
  BenDol 1f272b7aba Added preview state packet. 6 years ago
  BenDol 09d830d02e Fix build error 6 years ago
  BenDol d7429c201c Started 1050 implementation and fix ups: 6 years ago
  Shawak 939e16c59a string:contains() 6 years ago
  Sam fe585d27d8 Cleanup dat loading, fix version 8.6+ 6 years ago
  Sam e9352fe811 Update README.md 6 years ago
  BenDol a52c938fef Added missing protocol versions & made some style fixes. 6 years ago
  Sam 153cf3e859 Container fix 6 years ago
  Sam 6b46370d1a 7.4 .dat support, playing an actual server might not work yet 6 years ago
  BenDol c2ff89b2cf Some style fixes & menu-scroll to add server. 6 years ago
  Sam 2a57a5f7d0 Browse field, locked & paginated container support 6 years ago
  Henrique Santiago 32d1ed5c6a Merge pull request #542 from mathiasbynens/patch-1 6 years ago
  Mathias Bynens 6d8d319557 README: Use SVG badge for Travis 6 years ago
  BenDol 9e0ddb08e3 More debug prints and avoid null pointer. 6 years ago
  BenDol 74979ca16a Remove debug print and redundant checks. 6 years ago
  BenDol 0c77179c46 Should check the menu category before creating a separator. 6 years ago
  BenDol 935b9e4cd6 Forgot removeMenuHook function. 6 years ago
  BenDol 0f362f80e3 Added easy menu hooking, fixed terminal default size/pos & more: 6 years ago
  BenDol 0b5654f870 Style fixes and added dontSignal to UIRadioGroup. 6 years ago
  Sam 4ec5048730 Remove test statement 6 years ago
  Sam 6b8e810466 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/edubart/otclient 6 years ago
  Sam 9b3e0a324c Color adjustments and fixes 6 years ago
  BenDol f7531383f3 Fix an issue with the spinbox buttons. 6 years ago
  BenDol 7724b8059d Forgot this from previous commit. 6 years ago
  BenDol 2ada93db9c Should use the set minimum for these! 6 years ago
  BenDol d070711409 When reaching max or min scroll allow other scroll areas to scroll. 6 years ago
  BenDol 5909634837 Avoid ending mouse scroll chain when scroll bar is 'off'. 6 years ago
  BenDol 07ac5c27ca Added some missing lua functions. 6 years ago
  BenDol 9f7aafac0b Fix a crash issue when attempting to draw invalid item. 6 years ago
  BenDol 12b3bd4ee0 Fix table.equals 6 years ago
  BenDol 9e30c39035 Pointless storing a reference to super. 6 years ago
  BenDol 3dbcb1daee Added basic table.equals, dontSignal param to combobox calls & spell methods. 6 years ago
  Sam a9d4fd5e1e Scrollmenu for Comboboxes, fixes #480 6 years ago
  Eduardo Bart 07f8e6fca9 New skin from https://github.com/Mignari/otc-gray-skin 6 years ago
  Henrique Santiago f0ed0bad13 Merge pull request #538 from djayk1/master 6 years ago
  djayk1 8fccc1eb63 Little fix 6 years ago
  Sam 62d2a22ab8 Merge pull request #537 from djayk1/master 6 years ago
  djayk1 10438c21ff Update game.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 ec99d35cee Update game.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 85fe5867f3 Update protocolgameparse.cpp 6 years ago
  djayk1 1a77473e13 Update const.h 6 years ago